Devlog 2021-08-29

  • (SQ2) Made a switch work
  • Back to Black Mountain!
  • Moved on to the next map, got it mostly roughed in

Nearly Forgot!

Whoops, nearly forgot to post. No pictures this time, just hastily written words.

SimpleQuest 2 Switches

On the SimpleQuest 2 front, I got a wall-switch to open a door to work. At least, it switches back and forth, it doesn’t open the door yet. This shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was but it took some time for me to realize that the asset pack I was using has the switches laid out in a way that doesn’t work for RPGMaker. There is not (as near as I can tell) a way to just play an arbitrary sequence of frames; in fact, sprites are generally packed into a sheet with seven other sprites, and the actual animation they play is pretty baked in. I’m sure it can be changed with plugins etc etc but anyway…

Point is, the switches in the (absolutely great) Mighty Pack are presented as just a series of three frames for different colours. To make it work I had to copy them around and turn it into a full sprite with the three frames (plus an extra that I made just because) are mapped to the switch sprite’s 4 directions. Then, to play the switch flipping you just animate the sprite “rotating” in place. This is how chests and doors in the built-in assets are animated as well!

Back to Black Mountain

And then I decided I really wanted to work on Black Mountain again. I’d kind of churned out of drawing on one of the cave levels, because it’s a big map and it’s got a lot of details. I gave myself permission to leave the rest of the details… un-detailed, and move on to the next map (the next floor up, which is an abandoned/ruined town that was carved into the middle of Black Mountain). It’s not quite as big (the interior floors of the Black Mountain cave system get smaller the higher up you get, since the mountain is roughly conical) and has gone pretty quickly. It’s got a bunch of interior maps (since there are “buildings”) but those should mostly be a screen or two, so no biggie – and I’m going to be skipping the unimportant ones for now. (Unimportant is defined as “you don’t need to go there to complete the story”.)

It feels good to be back on the game. Hopefully I can keep making decent progress! Have a good week!